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Asp.Net Core MVC Publish using FTP

Publish Website using FTP in Visual Studio If we use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to publish web applications, we need to enter all credentials provided by the FTP hosting company, and application files will upload directly to our FTP hosting space.

DataReader in ADO.NET

There are two common objects in ADO.NET to read data, DataSet, and DataReader. C# DataSet and C# DataReader classes represent these objects. In this article, we'll learn about ADO.NET DataReader and how to use a DataReader in C#.

How to Encrypt and Decrypt Password in Asp.Net

Hello guys, we all need to secure our applications against unwanted user attacks, for saving privacy and maintaining application security. So for that purpose, we have to keep our passwords Encrypted in the Database. So, we will see how to Encrypt and Decrypt Passwords in Asp.Net.

Create JSON String in C#

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data interchange format commonly used for transmitting data between multiple systems, mostly in Web APIs and client applications. JSON is a text-based format that is easy for humans to read and write and also easy for machines to parse and generate. It is language-independent, meaning it can be used with any programming language that has the capability to parse JSON data.

Slick Slider

In this tutorial we’ll use slick Slider , A Slick Slider is a popular jQuery plugin, to build an attractive responsive image gallery. Slick.js is a well-known jQuery plugin created by Ken Wheeler that lets you build beautiful responsive carousels. so what I going to do is to create a custom slider one of my favorite slider is the slick slider. You can create a custom slider by following the steps below.

Tag or mention people like WhatsApp & Skype by using @ in Angular

Hello guys, often while working with angular js you sometimes have requirement of implementing chat functionality where user can press @ and select users from the list , similar to what we do on skype or all big chatting platforms. For that purpose we can use Angular-mentions which is a package in Angular js for skype like @ chat functionality. We will see how to use that in detail.

C# Regex Examples

The Regex class in C# is part of the System.Text.RegularExpressions namespace. It provides a way to work with regular expressions, allowing you to perform pattern matching and manipulation of text. Here are some common operations you can perform using the Regex class:

Real Time Chat using SignalR with .Net core and Vue.js

Hello guys, We often found ourself in the need of a realtime chat app . For two way communication in your webapp. We will see how to implement real time chat using SignalR with .Net core and Vue.js. SignalR is basically used for any sort of realtime functionalities. We will use .Net core for managing chathub . You can see complete steps in the article.

Exception Handling and Creating Exception Logs in MVC

So basically in a MVC Project we often use many controllers for making our web project functional.So one way is to handle exception separately on all of them or we can simple use a Base Controller. A Base controller can be told as a parent controller from which all other controller will inherit.So in that way Exception handling performed on Base Controller will get applied on all controllers which inherits from this controller.

The report definition is not valid or is not supported by this version of reporting

Hello guys in this article we will see how to solve an exception when you try to use old rdlc report and make changes into that . You will see you will get an exception ReportProcessingException: The report definition is not valid. Details: The report definition has an invalid target namespace '' which cannot be upgraded. We will see how to solve that.

Implement Stripe Payment Gateway In ASP.NET Core

This tutorial demonstrates how to accept payments with Stripe Checkout in an ASP.NET Core application built with C# and Web Forms. The application uses Checkout to accept credit cards from the end user and send tokens to a back-end API. The back-end controller uses the Stripe .NET library to create a charge. We are using latest version on Stripe.Net api in this. Check out complete steps to Implement Stripe Payment Gateway In ASP.NET Core

Implement Stripe Payment Gateway In ASP.NET

This tutorial demonstrates how to accept payments with Stripe Checkout in an ASP.NET application built with C# and Web Forms. The application uses Checkout to accept credit cards from the end user and send tokens to a back-end API. The back-end controller uses the Stripe .NET library to create a charge. There are four steps: Create the project and configure dependencies Create the payment Web Form Create a page to perform the charge Run the application

App Trim in .NET Core

In ASP.NET Core, App Trim refers to a feature that automatically removes unused assemblies from the application's memory during runtime. This helps to reduce the memory footprint of the application and improve its overall performance.

Exception Handling Asp.Net Core

Error Handling in Asp.Net Core has changed a bit from what we used to use in Asp.Net Mvc. Before .Net Core We used to use OnException Methods to handle Exceptions while executing actions But it doesn't' see working in .Net Core as many features are changed.So In this Article we will see how to make exception handling work in Asp.Net Core.

Create and publish a package using Visual Studio (.NET Framework, Windows)

Creating a NuGet package from a .NET Framework Class Library involves creating the DLL in Visual Studio on Windows, then using the nuget.exe command-line tool to create and publish the package.

C# collection

For many applications, you want to create and manage groups of related objects. There are two ways to group objects: by creating arrays of objects, and by creating collections of objects. Arrays are most useful for creating and working with a fixed number of strongly typed objects. For information about arrays, see Arrays.

Globalization and localization in ASP.NET Core With Resource Files

In this article we will focus on implementing Globalization and localization in ASP.NET Core With Resource Files . We will be trying to implement culture in Asp.Net core 3.1.So if your are struggling in using you Asp.Net Resource Files in .net core have a look at the article in detail.

Using Ajax in Asp.Net MVC

Hello guys, in this article we will tell you about what is Ajax? and how it can help you create better projects with better performance.Ajax basically used for Asynchronous Javascript and XML. As the name defines it helps you make server side operation asynchronously or you can say without reloading the page. So we will see few examples of using Ajax in Asp.Net MVC.

How To Utilize Live AI Chat agent Software For Your Business

Small businesses often struggle to provide prompt responses to customer inquiries and concerns, which can lead to a negative customer experience and potential losing valuable customers. To improve customer service, businesses can consider hiring a support team for call and email responses or implementing chat support services on their website.

ConfigurationBuilder does not contain a definition for SetBasePath

In this article we will see how to solve issue 'ConfigurationBuilder' does not contain a definition for 'SetBasePath' and no extension method 'SetBasePath' accepting a first argument of type 'ConfigurationBuilder' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference? in .Net Core 3. We will see how to ready json files in .Net core 3.

How to set Date and time format in IIS Manager

Many times you might have got requirement of changing DateTime Format Of your IIS Hosted Web Application.Sometime Date format changes work on LocalHost but on IIS the date format remains same. Select Application Pool Select Project and click on Advanced settingsExpand Process Modal and Select Identity Select Custom Account and Click on set and enter UserName Password(System Credentials) and ok

A non-fatal error occured during cluster initialisation in Postgre SQL

Hello guys in this video you'll see how to solve issue A non-fatal error occured during cluster initialisation in Postgre SQL on Postgre installation. You will often see this issue while installing Postgre. We have a workaround for you to solve this issue. Just follow the steps and your issue will solve.

How to reload child components in vue.js

Hello guys, in this article we will learn how to reload vue js child component. Sometime we need to reset child components or just re-render them. There few ways to reset child components but for beginner and those who have just started with vue js it can become a tough task to understand the flow to reset child components. So we will see how to reload child component.

Image Compression in MVC

Hello guys , now a days we often provide users the ability to upload images in our web projects. But we have to sometimes utilize the memory for big size images as they can easily full up the memory of server. So for that we can use image compression while uploading image. In this article we will see how to perform Image Compression in MVC.

Card Number Formatting using jquery

Hello guys, often while dealing with project where we need to implement payment systems and need user to enter card number and show them the card number format properly. So for that purpose we have to use controls from payment gateways which are bit harder to manage on custom websites. So we will see how to implement Input Box Card Number Formatting using jquery.

How to upload Image file using AJAX and jquery

So starting of from the beginning Ajax is used for Asynchronous Javascript and XML. We can use it for many purposes. Few basic uses of Ajax are:- Update page without reloading the page providing better performance. Request data from a server - after the page has loaded which can be used in loading Partial Views. Send data to a server without reload - in the background making it easier to performance Save, Delete operations smoothly. Ajax in Asp.Net MVC

Child internet safety

Child internet safety refers to the precautions, guidelines, and measures taken to protect children from potential dangers and risks associated with their use of the internet and online platforms. As children increasingly access the internet for educational, entertainment, and social purposes, it becomes essential to ensure their online safety. Here are some key aspects of child internet safety:

Hangfire in ASP.NET Core 3.1 – Background Jobs

Hangfire is an open-source library to schedule and execute background jobs in .NET applications. You'll be able to create a simple background process inside the same application pool or thread without creating separate applications. Hangfire creates background jobs in persistence storage, like MS SQL Server, Redis, MongoDB, and others, that may prevent you from losing the job on recycling IIS pools or exception prevalence.







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